Refreshing Previous Permanent Makeup


Hello again! We are thrilled to have you back. Rest assured, we possess the expertise to restore your permanent makeup to its former glory, and perhaps even enhance it further, thanks to our continuous education and improved techniques. Our complete retouch services include shape and placement adjustments, allowing for minor refinements as well. Additionally, we now offer two color lines, broadening your options in that regard. In most instances, the cost will be half of your original payment for the initial application of permanent makeup. Don’t overlook our fantastic 10% discount for cash payments! Schedule a complete touch up of your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips today! 


Are you seeking to revitalize or modify your previous permanent makeup? Look no further, as we specialize in catering to clients with existing work. Whether you desire a simple color refresh due to fading or wish to update your look, we’ve got you covered. In instances where you find your current permanent makeup to be uneven or poorly executed, we recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation. More often than not, there is a simpler solution than you may initially perceive. Our services include color corrections and reshaping; however, to provide an accurate assessment and cost estimate, an in-person consultation is essential. Please note that we do not offer removal services.

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